172 - Trembling with Joy

I’m a day back again and I’m not sure if I can catch up today. It’s late and I should rather go to sleep 🙂

This image is from yesterday. I was out for a noon session, it was a bright, sunny day and I used the Lensbaby for a change.

There’s not much more to tell, only that I surprisingly had a hard time finding a Song of the Day. I admit, I have settled with the rather obvious: “Sing Joy Spring” by the Manhattan Transfer from their 1985 album “Vocalese”. The lyrics are by the master of vocalese himself, Jon Hendricks of “Lambert, Hendricks & Ross” fame.

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Ted Byrne   (2007-04-05)

I have been suspicious of LensBabies. Odd, with all the POST Processing I do, I am suspicious of this device for PRE Processing. I guess it's because so many folks seem to use it as a substitute for thinking/feeling through am image. "Oh," they say, "How wonderfully mysterious the LB makes this look... it must be profound!"l

But, like any tool, in the right hands it seems to actually help create an intended conclusion. I sense this is what's happened here. The effect, as usual, is ethereal, but it also brings a fresh eye to Spring blooms. And you have used it to herd your powers to control form, shape, and particularly color.

Perhaps there's a use for the LB beyond gadgetry. It will be fascinating to see how you gain control over it... as opposed to the vice versa.

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