186 - Morning Glory

First of all: I have a new monitor. It was necessary. Two days ago I responded to an image posted by Roland Vögtli on the Radiant Vista forums. I complained about the image being too dark and even posted a less harsh version that I had made using Photomatix as a better Shadow/Highlight. What can I say? People disagreed, I checked again at work and found out that it was my CRT monitor at home that had simply grown too dark over the course of five years. See the whole embarrassment here. Well, now I have an LG L226WTQ with 1680x1050 and it’s fantastic. Wonderful colors, sharp, easily the best monitor I’ve ever had.

I’ve shot three images today that I want to point out. One of a Vespa scooter that I shot when a charming young lady claimed it as hers and wanted to leave with it in a hurry, but she allowed me the to take the image anyway.

The second is a somewhat weird juxtaposition in more than one way, and finally the third is the Image of the Day. I’m probably guilty of having gone for the pleaser, but I simply could not resist.

This is just around the corner from where I live. When I go to work in the morning, I always have the sun in my face, and again so when returning. Hmm … living in the west, working in the east.

Let’s have a look at the Song of the Day. Today we have the choice between a whopping three songs, and one of them in two versions! There is “Morning Glory” from Blood, Sweat & Tears’ first album “Child is Father to the Man”. Nice song, but not for this image.

Next could be “Morning Glory” by Leonard Cohen from his 2004 album “Dear Heather”. Not bad, but there is a third song, much older and altogether different.

What’s Your Story, Morning Glory?” is the Song of the Day. You find it on Ella Fitzgerald’s 1958 album “Ella Swings Lightly”, but what we need is something cooler, what we need is Anita O’Day, again in 1958 on her album “Anita O’Day Sings the Winners”. Well, now you have it. Enjoy!