187 - Blue Again

Today, after work, I’ve been in Hütteldorf, the most western part of Vienna, visiting my sister who just got a child, my niece Sarah. I was a little bit early for the hospital and, strolling around, I found this door.

It was a drab day and I had to boost colors a little, but otherwise I have not cleaned up even a bit. I took the image with the Nikon 18-200 at 52mm and f6.7.

This is my lens of choice for most situations when I don’t know what to expect from a place or when it is not likely that I return soon. The forced perspective and restricted choice of a prime are great for boosting creativity, but of course you miss things. No big deal when you simply come back, maybe with another prime, the next day, but if not, there is nothing that beats the 18-200.

“Blue Again” by the Manhattan Transfer is the Song of the Day. You find it on their Louis Armstrong tribute album “The Spirit of St. Louis”, a fabulous effort with solo performances of all four, this one by Tim Hauser.

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mcmurma   (2007-04-19)

Splendid image. The color and composition work well together, that's for sure. There is a warm an inviting feel to the whole piece... warm stones, warm blue doors, and a nicely mottled array of brickwork (love that brickwork). If there was one wish it would be that the keystone to the arch were presented in its entirety with a bit of space above, but its such a small matter... I almost didn't mention it.

And as to the lens. It seems these "superzooms" of today can do a fine job of covering most things quite well. Certainly more practical when travelling than a case full of primes (of which I am fond). I keep telling myself that it might be worth my while to seek one out. Perhaps one day.

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Desert   (2007-04-20)

Very creative eye you have and a wonderful show of many different images tied to music or a thought...very nice...

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