197 - Standing in the Garden, Watching the Sundown

It’s been quite a busy day. I have prepared yesterday’s blog entry, been in Klagenfurt buying a pair of shoes and a “Green Clean” sensor cleaning kit, tried to get a Wacom tablet and failed (“we don’t have them, we sell two of them per year” - funny argument), tried to shoot a panorama at the river Drau in Rosegg and found nothing worth shooting a panorama there, and finally returned home, went into the garden and shot this sundown. Hmm …

The title of this entry is no song title, aye? Well, I am quite sure that there are many songs in my collection that have the words “sundown” or “sunset” somewhere in their lyrics. It’s only that I can’t search for them. I can search for titles and I can do that because I have ripped my CDs to OGG files. These files have the song titles as names. That is possible because there are databases on the internet that allow me to look up song titles. It’s not something the music industry wants me to be able to. If it were so, they would have packed that information on the CDs, but they didn’t. In a perfect world we would buy CDs with FLAC files on them, the lyrics and all the meta information, but the music industry does not want me to have access to lyrics. They file law suits against community web sites that post lyrics, and the most recent joke is, that Yahoo! offers “legal” lyrics, but they do it in the form of images. Guess why? To make it impossible to copy the texts! As a side effect they make these “lyrics” impossible to search and therefore useless for me. Can any industry be so blind to the needs of their customers?

At the moment I watch Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X”, and therefore “Allah” from Youssou N’Dour’s 2004 album “Egypt” is the Song of the Day.

Btw: Quite an achievement to get Mr Nelson Mandela on your movie 🙂