202 - The Stars are Falling

Goodness, three days late again! I shouldn’t do that, it makes blogging a stressful job. Anyway, you’ll see four entries today, at least I hope so 🙂

This image is from Thursday morning. I couldn’t decide which way to go to work and after some zig-zagging I ended up with the underground. Choosing your way in the morning is hard business, you know? You have to consider the time, if you’re in a hurry or not, possible photo opportunities and, last not least, the complicated situation with bakeries.

My favorite baker, “Vollkornbäckerei Kornradl”, a real artisan of wholemeal bakery, has all that I desire in the morning, but only when I come shortly before 9am. When I’m earlier on my way, the chain “Gradwohl” is the next best thing. They exclusively have wholemeal products too, though a little more refined, less rustic. I have three shops within my reach, one of them in Zieglergasse near an entrance to the underground, that’s the one I chose Thursday. About opposite of Gradwohl I saw this window on the top floor of a building, and there was that impossible reflection of I don’t know what.

Hmm … now that I look at it, could this be the Xbox logo? And for what sinister purpose would Microsoft do that?

The Song of the Day is “Stars Fell On Alabama”. Out of my collection I’d recommend Anita O’Day on her 1956 album “Pick Yourself Up with Anita O’Day”, but I guess I shouldn’t hold back this link I’ve found while searching for the lyrics: Jack Teagarden sings “Stars Fell On Alabama”. I always liked Jack Teagarden, but I’ve never heard him sing 🙂

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Ted Byrne   (2007-05-07)

Good heavens this is perfect. The reflections coupled by the entrancing window distortion are compelling, and once again the Manessinger-Wobble makes the thing perfectly accessible. I reeeeeeely like this image Andreas.


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