245 - Walk, Don't Walk

What a day of plenty. I shot the mass of five (in numbers: 5) images, three of them variations of one theme, two of the other. This is the Image of the Day, I shot it at noon in Vienna near work and I have just finished working on it in Photoshop.

Well, I liked everything in it with the exception of two cars in the very background. One blue, one black, both behind the person. Talk about a merger. I had to invent a lot of material, because there was hardly anything to clone or borrow from. Maybe I could do better, but I guess it suffices if one doesn’t know. You know now, you even know where to look, please tell me if it’s not good enough.

Sigma 30/1.4 at f8, post-processing in Photoshop, distortion correction with PTLens, lots of cloning, painting, smearing and blurring 🙂

I wouldn’t call myself a fan of Prince, but some songs I’ve always liked. It began with “Three Chains of Gold” from his 1992 album, the one with the symbol and without a name. I heard the song shortly before midnight at Tower Records on Piccadilly Circus in London, asked what it was and bought it. This same record had the incredibly lascivious “Damn U” and the fantastic “And God Created Woman”. I was hooked.

The Song of the Day is from “Diamonds and Pearls”, the album before, and it’s called “Walk Don’t Walk”, another good one about conformism.