251 - That Old Black Magic

This image is from Thursday. I shot it in the morning, the rest of the day was so-so, and it culminated in the worst storm of this year, two people in Vienna died.

This is another image that I’ve post-processed in Photoshop. The original had almost no colors, no contrast, what there was was rust and dust, all gray, orange and brown, but I knew I could make something out of nothing here. In Lab I applied first a de-saturation layer, then a “Man from Mars” and finally a saturation layer. Voilà, here are the colors. I love that Old Black Magic 🙂

That Old Black Magic” is also the Song of the Day. Again it is Ella Fitzgerald, this time live on “Ella in Rome: The Birthday Concert”. Wonderful version that is.

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Ele ^_^   (2007-06-24)

Nice it seems psychedelic! ^^

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andreas   (2007-06-24)

Just like "76 - Psychedelic"? Or maybe the colors on your own blog :-?


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