265 - As I Went Out For The Morning Papers

When I’m late, just like today writing the entry for yesterday, it can mean one of two things: not enough good material or too much of it. Yesterday it was a mixture of both.

I had taken quite some images over the course of the whole day, but all the spectacular were flawed in some way, or I had a problem post-processing them in a way that would satisfy me and still look believable. Well, obviously there are times when decision making is not my thing.

I finally settled with this one, a simple image, only slightly color corrected and otherwise untouched, an image that I had shot very early in the morning when the sun was already up and shining through the trees behind our house. There was still some mist between the trees from the night’s rain. I had expected something like that when I went out to fetch the morning papers, and therefore I had taken the camera with me. Hmm … I probably would have taken it with me, even if I had not expected anything at all 🙂

The Song of the Day is again by Prince and it’s this time from his 1992 album, the one with the symbol and without a name. It’s called “The Morning Papers”.

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pnfphotography   (2007-07-08)

I like EVERYTHING about this!

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