279 - Steady Rollin'

I’m sorry, yesterday I was tired like a log, and when I woke up this morning at 5:30am, I tried to get an image posted, but ultimately could not decide upon which one. Anyway, here it is, a trailer for transporting boats. I took the image yesterday when I was on my way to Gänsehäufl, Vienna’s biggest bath, and in fact, as I recently heard, the biggest in whole Europe. Whatever this means. They can’t have taken into account the beaches of Italy, can they?

I still shoot with my mis-calibrated Sigma 20/1.8, and in fact, manually focusing is absolutely OK. 1/40s at f1.8 and ISO 140.

When it come to the Song of the Day, Eric Clapton is a frequent guest here, and so he is today with a song from his 1974 album “461 Ocean Boulevard”: Robert Johnson’s “Steady Rollin’ Man”.

That’s for yesterday. The entry for today follows in an hour. Promised.

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pnfphotography   (2007-07-22)

You have one of the most creative eyes I swear. You make anything look interesting vibrant and eyecatching.

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