303 - Peace In The Valley

It got really beautiful today, albeit only when I almost had to go. I drove around a little, only to end up with this image, shot from our garden fence down into the valley. Sigma 10-20 at f9.5.

The old gospel “(There’ll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me)” is the Song of the Day, but it is not Elvis today, it’s Gary Brooker, together with some other members of Procol Harum, some guest musicians and a gospel choir, 1996 live at St. Mary and All Saints Church: “Within Our House”. If you don’t have it, and if you can only buy one more CD in your life, make sure it’s this.

No sound samples on Amazon.com/ca/co.uk/jp, but the Germans have it, and so have the Ukrainians.

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pnfphotography   (2007-08-13)

b e a u t i f u l...country....

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Thomas   (2007-08-13)

Wow, that's a view from your garden fence? Vacation or your permanent residence? If it's the latter, I'll start to get immensely jealous immediately...

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andreas   (2007-08-13)

I'm afraid you have to start getting jealous now 🙂

I'm there only on weekends though.


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Thomas   (2007-08-14)

Hear, hear... "only on weekends"... 😉

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