385 - The Flame Will Never Die

Three images for today - I couldn’t help but take this one. I shot it late in the morning, the image is right out of the camera, and these are fall colors at their best. Funnily enough, you don’t see all that flaming splendor when you’re far away. You have to get near, otherwise the colors mix up, blend together, and the forest is nothing but a murky, reddish brown. But when you do get near, Goodness, the trees are suddenly on fire.

Nikon 18-200 at 18mm, f8 and 1/30s. The blue sky and the polarizer may have helped a bit 🙂

The second image is from earlier in the morning. It is the same pasture that we had two days ago in “Fog Creeping”, this time from another viewpoint, and of course the fog is not creeping up but retreating.

The third image finally is an architectural detail, a window made of glass bricks in a stairwell of an office building. The light came through the glass and made these flaming reflections. I had the camera still on daylight white balance, thus the image out of the camera was very yellow, but in post-processing I have driven the wall to neutral, which may be a bit colder than it was in reality. I like the effect though.

Why have I chosen the trees? Well, in all these last days in Carinthia, I have been in search of the definite image of fall colors. Now, as regards me, this is it. I can’t imagine getting anything better this year.

The Song of the Day is “The Flame Will Never Die” from Beausoleil’s 1987 album “Bayou Boogie”. I love Cajun and Zydeco music, ever since I saw “The Big Easy”. What a tremendous impact this movie had. Basically it put Cajun on the map, at least for us Europeans.

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Bill   (2007-11-03)

Three amazing images. I can see why you chose the fall colours over the others but each one could easily stand on its own as an image of the day. I like the white tree trunks in the first. They are very effective in leading the eye upward. The circular tracks on the frost covered meadow also pull me into the picture and back to the fog which, in and of itself, is quite beautiful. And the glass blocks, well, the play of the light both on the blocks and and on the wall is fantastic, as are the colours.

Three feel good images and the music just accentuates that feeling. How can anyone not be uplifted by zydeco/Cajun music?

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Thomas   (2007-11-04)

Oh yeah...atumn at its best. That's a picture to be remembered during the coming months!

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mcmurma   (2007-11-04)

I agreed that all three images are nice, but I especially like the widows. I just love those reflections. It's one of those shots that seems to have a split personality... seen from further away its clearly an image of a window, but seen closer the panes of glass take on such an abstract quality that they twist the whole image into an abstraction. Very nice.

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