435 - I Can See The Sun In Late December

I’m in Carinthia now, and we have sunny, bright weather. It’s really cold, but the feeling of seeing the sun again makes well up for it.

Landscape today, but this is still the new Sigma 70/2.8 macro, this time on f8 and 1/500s. That’s bright for a change!

Landscape with a 70 macro? No, it’s not a joke. Using the focus limiter, it focuses fast, the image quality is fantastic anyway, and a 70 (corresponding to 105mm on full frame) actually is an interesting lens. Try it. You need to get a feel of the frame size, but once you have it, it makes for some very relaxed shooting. It is short enough to still give some sense of wideness, and it is long enough to isolate just a part of the landscape. Try it. You’ll be surprised.

The Song of the Day is “I Can See The Sun In Late December” from Roberta Flack’s 1975 album “Feel Like Makin’ Love”.

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Bill Birtch   (2007-12-23)

Brrrrr! I can feel the cold. Last weekend we received 30cm of snow. Today it's 6C and raining but a fresh snowfall is in the works for Christmas day, just enough to clean things up again.

Hope you get to spend some extra time in Carinthia for the holidays. I wish you much happiness in 2008.

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