440 - Round The Bend

Today I’ve got two very similar images, as always these days shot with the Sigma 70/2.8 macro. Both profit from the compression of the lens and from the fact that I have chosen a flat angle on a bend in the rails.

The one to the right was major work in post-processing, because while shooting, I had already given up on it. For this view I had to stand in the middle of the street, something that I was able to do every couple of minutes for maybe 30 seconds. Normally I am quite patient, but in this case it was freezing cold, and when the third attempt ended with a person in the right place, but a car in the wrong one, I gave up. Finally at home, I found out that I didn’t have so many usable images, and I decided to tackle this and take the car out.

This is ISO 1800 and f2.8 at 1/100s, but actually it looked much worse, because the image was severely underexposed. Oh well, never forget to reset exposure compensation 🙂

The Image of the Day was shot some minutes later, with f2.8 as well, but now at ISO 3200 and 1/80s. ISO 3200 is my current setting for maximum ISO and with this lens I set minimum speed at 1/100s. In this case the light had not sufficed, thus the camera had given in on shutter speed. And all that is fully automatic. Marvelous!

The Song of the Day is “Round The Bend” from Beck’s 2002 album “Sea Change”. Enjoy the video on YouTube.

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Bill Birtch   (2007-12-29)

What is it about the "S" curve that we find so pleasing? Is it a learned thing? Is it cultural? I suspect not, there just seems to be something inherently appealing about it. But whatever it is you've taken it up a notch here Andreas. This is one spectacular image, destined to become one of my all time favourites

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David Bowman   (2008-01-04)

Great Image!

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1180 – Round The Bend II | Photographer’s Blog   (2010-01-08)

[...] “440 – Round The Bend” was one of my better images in the past, made with another fabulous lens, the then new Sigma 70/2.8. This time, while on the tramway, I greatly profited from the Tamron’s stabilization. There’s not much in focus in today’s image, but the little that is, is perfectly so. [...]

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