456 - La vida es rosa

We had snow in the night and then rain. When I drove into town it was just the right mixture for disaster, and though I could avoid any trouble, two people have died on the streets that morning.

I had to buy paper for passepartouts, a metal ruler, a sharp knife, all for the show next week. Did I mention that I have an exhibition in a café in Villach, starting next Thursday? Well, I have printed 24 images last Tuesday, and now I only need to frame them. A lot of work, but what did I do? I slept the whole afternoon, and when I woke up I had to create an image.

This is the Lensbaby again, but this time with a macro lens attached. Post-processing was done in Photoshop.

The Song of the Day is “La vida es rosa”, Ana Salazar’s 2005 Flamenco rendition of Edith Piaf’s unforgettable “La vie en rose”. It’s from the album “Un Himno Al Amor”. Amazon’s German division has a sound sample.

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Ted Byrne   (2008-01-13)

The easiest part is agreeing to do a show. Then there's the work and expense that comes up until opening. I'm not certain that I'll do it again... Unless somebody asks... And then comes the easiest part again. 🙂

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Ted Byrne   (2008-01-13)


Good luck (or do you wish "break a leg"? After all there's a theatrical nature to photography a performing art.).

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Bill Birtch   (2008-01-13)

Congratulations on the show Andreas and good luck.

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andreas   (2008-01-14)

Thanks guys!

Luck? Legs?? I don't know. I'm in the work phase, I'll take them all 🙂)

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