527 - Meet Me In The Dark

The snow had finally gone away by today’s late afternoon, though it was a bleak and dreary day, and I had not gone out photographing at all. And then, in the evening it began to … snow? Not exactly what I call an easter weekend 🙂

In the evening, when I really should have been desperate for an image, this one just happened. I went up the stairs to the first floor, when I saw the light glowing through the window of glass bricks, painting a pattern of light and shadow on the landing. This is a 10s exposure from the tripod. Nikon 18-200 VR at 44mm and f8.

Meet Me In The Dark” is maybe the most beautiful song on Melissa Etheridge’s 2004 album “Lucky”. It’s unbelievable that until two years ago this wonderful singer has completely escaped my radar. Well, not so any more. See the video on YouTube.

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Marti   (2008-03-24)

Hi Andreas,

I really love this image -- the complimentary colors, the play of light behind the glass and on the ledge, the mysterious mood it evokes. It's just beautiful and would make a lovely large print.

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Ted Byrne   (2008-03-24)

As usual, I'm here... lurking and usually not commenting... at least with my fingers. This past half dozen are very strong. I think the blue mists sworling about the cave-boys careens around most trenchantly in my imagination. But this last is, as Mari says, a trick with color which slams into my thoughts. It is a manly picture Andreas... not subtle girlie tendrils, or teasie pastels.... It is a man's punch of color onto pixels and composed to make me try pattern after pattern atop it looking for a whole bunch of meanings.

In the blue piece, the story invoked is yours, in this piece, the final tale I settle upon will be mine. Interesting that you can go from one to another so effortlessly.

Okay... I shall return to lurking...


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pnfphotography   (2008-03-25)

very cool and seen as only YOU could do...wonderful I like this!!

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andreas   (2008-03-25)

Thanks Marti. Mystery, that's something I see here as well, for instance it's not clear to me where the vertical shadow to the left comes from 🙂

Deb, have I ever said that I love your new avatar :-?

Manly ... Ted, it's unbelievable how much of a macho you can be 🙂)

Well, thanks. This is very much of a found image, but I take credit nevertheless. At least I had to find it, and I did.

It's interesting: I love glass bricks. They are an invention of the 1970s, or rather they are not, but they were popularized then, and as much as I hate the wallpapers, the hairdo and the ties of that period, as much do I like the glass bricks. They are magic ...

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