549 - Lilac Wine

Yesterday morning (yesterday? Well, it’s Tuesday morning 5:30 now, I have just woken up) when I went to work, I still had the Sigma 70/2.8 Macro mounted from the weekend’s macro sessions. Boy, did that lens feel good on the street! It’s that combination of a short telephoto lens with the incredible control of depth of field. I absolutely love using this lens wide open.

In the end I have only worked on this single image. There are some others that would be worthwhile (and that I would have taken anytime on a lesser day), one that I’ll try again because of too tight framing, and a gorgeous bicycle that was unfortunately marred by litter on the ground that I failed to see and remove. What’s wrong with Photoshop, you ask? Well, have you ever tried to clone behind the spokes of a bicycle’s wheel? Believe me, there are selections you don’t want to make 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Lilac Wine” by the great Nina Simone. I have it on the collection of her Philips recordings “For Women”. Hear it on YouTube.

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Ted Byrne   (2008-04-17)

Another interesting technical approach. You make floral photography look too easy. You also make the enhancement maddeningly subtle. This has the feeling more of sculpture than anything else... Cool.

Sorry I have been commenting less, but visiting frequently, yet furtively. I am flitting a bit more because of the distraction of our national contact/blood sport - politics, which is dominating most of the media and whipping into a froth of flesh/feelings/manners at a degree of intensity which we've not experienced here beyond a general election is decades. It's become engaging theater and hard to turn away from a train wreck. Wheeeee!

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