863 - Gotta Be This Or That

Another lazy sunday. Today we had sun for at least half of the afternoon, and I spent the time in the most un-photographic way, I spent it sleeping on the balcony.

It was warm in Carinthia, whereas in Vienna more snow fell. Well, I’ll see, I’ll be there in four hours 🙂

I saw the Image of the Day when I stood in the bathroom, looked into two angled mirror wings, seeing two similar but different views of the Arcimboldo poster in the hall and of the doorway into the living room.

I had planned to drive to Villach’s biggest shopping center in the afternoon, because yesterday I saw something there that should always make for a good image. Anyway, having this split image, I decided to keep the other image for desparate moments.

The mountain image, the reds of sunset behind Mount Mangart, well, I saw it and I couldn’t resist. It’s probably a little over the top, but that’s OK with me 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Gotta Be This Or That” from Ella Fitzgerald’s 1958 album “Ella Swings Lightly”. Deezer has the whole album for you to hear.

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Glen and MJ   (2009-02-23)

The colors in your mirror image are deep, rich and glorious ... but the shot of Mount Mangart is equally glorious. That looks like you caught that 'magic-light moment'. Beautiful!

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