870 - Our Country

I’d like to say a few words in defense of our country … but I can’t. You may or may not know that we had elections for the regional government in Carinthia. Everybody has waited what would happen after the death of governor Jörg Haider, and many people have hoped that the death of the wicked witch would spell an end to the reign of inhumanity, moral corruption and defiance of all constitutional institutions and rules. Unfortunately and to everybody’s surprise, even that of the pollsters, 45% of the votes for Haider’s party meant the most triumphant victory in their history.

It’s true, this may not be repeatable. It is true, people may not have voted for the party, they may have voted for their dead hero, but that it could happen in the first place, that Jörg Haider could have become the hero of 45% of our population, that is nothing but depressing.

The image was taken Sunday afternoon in Carinthia. It’s an HDR image from five bracketed exposures, tone-mapped in Photomatix Pro, as usual finished in Photoshop.

The Song of the Day is “A Few Words in Defense of Our Country” from Randy Newman’s brilliant 2008 album “Harps and Angels”. See a video on YouTube.

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Thomas   (2009-03-07)

No, I didn't know. My condolences. 45% is really devastating. Maybe also the general economic downturn added to that - I mean, the guy is certainly not coming back, so it's safe to say "if HE would be here, things would be better!".

Anyway, in whichever way you turn it, it's a bit depressing...

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Andreas   (2009-03-09)

Yup! Hopeless.

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