998 - Flower Punk

This entry comes a day late. Sorry, I was busy upgrading a hard disk. Gosh, formatting a 2 TB disk takes forever, and copying 1.1 TB of data … longer.

Anyway. It’s done, my computer in Vienna has almost 4 TB of storage now, I guess as long as I don’t begin producing HD video, I’m safe for almost two years 🙂

These are images of yesterday morning. Nothing special, just two images that I would have happily taken anytime, but lately, how should I say, lately I’ve become rather choosy.

I don’t know if there is a connection with SoFoBoBo and the more project oriented work that I did for my book, in any case I cringe when I combine two images like those of today. Well, I still do it, I don’t have anything else, but at least I recognize and I apologize: Sorry for that 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Flower Punk” from the 1968 Frank Zappa album “We’re Only in It for the Money”. Hear it on YouTube.

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Ove   (2009-07-09)

That's a nice bike, wonderful colours on it. Now a days, I can't walk around without spotting all bikes around me, I really have to do a detox on that part of me after the sofobomo experience. It can't be a good thing being like this. 🙂

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Andreas   (2009-07-09)

Forget about it. There's no way back. Believe me, I've tried 🙂

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sahalisa   (2009-07-11)

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