1053 - Proud Mary

As I always say: some days are better than others. Yesterday was particularly good.

I post no more than three images, because I am one day behind, but I have tagged three more as TODO, meaning they will very likely turn up on some meager day.

Today I have two half/half compositions for you. One, the torn advertising on a lamp mast, is obviously a straight photography, the other, the Image of the Day, is as well, although in that case you simply have to believe me 🙂

There was a lot of glass involved, I was standing in the entrance of a shop, the woman is an advertising poster behind glass, the dark edge in the center is where two sheets of glass meet. I can’t remember the exact configuration. In any case, this is the same shop that brought us “362 - Fashion Victim”.

Along with the third image, the furniture on a balcony, these could all be from my SoFoBoMo book “Urban Dreams II”. Obviously I am not yet done with that series 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner. In March, when I used “River Deep Mountain High” as a Song of the Day, I bought Tina Turner’s 3 CD “Platinum Collection”. That’s what I’ve linked to. See a fantastic live performance on YouTube.

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Ove   (2009-09-01)

I like. The lead picture, I mean. This has started to become your signature, your diptychs. This one really cuts into two halfs, both sides interesting in their own ways, yet tied together and well-balanced as a whole.

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Andreas   (2009-09-01)

Thanks. Yeah, that's one that I really, really like 🙂

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Emma   (2009-09-03)

some days ago i needed the english version of this word. translation machine are very helpful, but you can't always trust them 🙂
the same word used in een comment at this image of yours is the confimation to me.
(thanks Ove 🙂

i really like these diptychs, the-have-to-look-twice kindathing.

the little striped pattern on her stockings are a very nice detail (and i'm a woman! 🙂

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