1154 - Bird's Nest

Gloomy, rainy days in Vienna, what would I do without this pawnshop in Josefstädter Straße?

It’s a place I pass by late on my way to work, and when I am not sure that I have another good candidate, I always have a look into this shop’s window.

This is a composite of two exposures, one at f2.8 and one at f5. Additionally I have accentuated the sharp foreground with a healthy dose of Topaz Detail. Speaking of which, they have recently released Version 1.1 of this plugin. It it is advertised as substantially faster, well, maybe, but it’s still slow. Other than that, they have added a new high-contrast, high-detail, near-monochrome preset. If you own a license, you should have been notified by mail. The upgrade is free.

The Song of the Day is “Bird’s Nest” by Charlie Parker. I have it on my 168 CD collection called “The Ultimate Jazz Archive”. Hear it on YouTube.

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Esther Emma   (2009-12-11)

delicate details and i love them all we had this kind of feathered birds for our christmas tree when i was a child. so they bring sweet memories back in mind. someway i am happy with those gloomy, rainy days in vienna 🙂 have a nice weekend, andreas

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J. L. T.   (2009-12-12)

Sweet and dreamy! Sweet weekend for you, hopefully snowy;-)

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Flo   (2009-12-12)

The image is so soft and shows great details. It's a gentle image for me. If it were hanging on my wall, I don't think I'd get tired of it for a long long time. Like, Emma, I too remember bird ornaments like these. They have real bird feathers - probably chicken - for tails. But eventually the feathers would get broken or fall out. I'm sorry to hear your weather is nothing but rain, rain and more rain. I hope it either clears - or snows, for you.

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Ted Byrne   (2009-12-15)

this one seems to break a bunch of compositional rules... yet it rocks. Now to a degree the mastery of palette, form, and shape overwhelm a lot of instinctual quibbling. But it's not technique that ultimately makes this so successful... can't put my finger on how you've made the mood here simultaneously intriguing and whimsical.

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