1358 – Up In the Graveyard

The seventh and last post for today. Well, technically it’s already well past midnight, but what counts, is that I have caught up and it feels pretty good!

Hmm … a week of posting in one day, that is a first and probably a tad insane 🙂

This is the post for today, and because I did not do much more today than working on the blog and processing images, I’ll give you three more pictures from Sunday, June 20.

These images were taken in Lorsica, a small hamlet in the Ligurian mountains, famous for its production of the finest damask. A few houses, a church, and below the road, under the street, the terraces of the graveyard. Well, I guess when you’re dead, you don’t particularly care where you rest, but anyway, what a place!

The Song of the Day is “Up In the Graveyard” from the 1994 Walkabouts album “Setting the Woods on Fire”. I couldn’t find it on YouTube, thus I have uploaded it myself.