1365 - Runaway

Today I left home very early, at least compared to my usual habits. It was about 6:15 am, and the sun stood at an angle that I went almost the whole way in shadows. The other thing is, it’s Friday, traveling day, thus I didn’t expect to have an image at all. This one just happened at the last crossing. I saw the runner take over, saw the blinding sun, and without looking through the viewfinder, while walking even, I took two exposures.

Of course with that much light, even at f8, the shutter speed was high enough to freeze any motion, and when I looked at the image, I really liked what I saw and decided to work on it.

Regarding SoFoBoMo, I really don’t know if I can do it within the remaining week. At the moment I suppose rather not, but this does not mean that I strictly rule it out. Let’s see.

The Song of the Day is “Runaway” from the 1999 “MTV Unplugged” album by The Corrs. Hear it on YouTube.

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Ove   (2010-07-11)

It's good to see your posts again, Andreas. This picture has a really interesting shadow. It looks like the runner's shadow stands still by the semaphore, with his hands on the hip. A sofobomo book in a week sounds like very late nights, that said if you don't have all images prepared already. 🙂

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andreas   (2010-07-12)

No, I've not, but I've had an epiphany: Basically I realized that I don't have to use images that match my exact topic only. It's not that I have to fill them up with context because I don't have enough of the "real thing", no, it's that the context is needed anyway. This will make making the book far easier 🙂

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