1379 - That's Your Red Wagon

It’s Saturday, we had a cool, mostly cloudy day and I have done … nothing. Therefore I can only offer you another image from Italy, taken in Santa Margherita Ligure, and to be precise exactly here. Oh dear, Street View is probably one of the most useful applications ever 🙂

The Song of the Day, “That’s Your Red Wagon” by Anita O’Day and Cal Tjader, released on their 1962 album “Time For 2”, was not available online, thus I have uploaded it to YouTube. Great song, great album, and the latin touch harmonizes perfectly with Anita’s relaxed style.

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Flo   (2010-07-24)

Interesting little vehicle. Great for tootling about on village roads - but certainly not one for the highways. I like the colors and the composition very much.

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andreas   (2010-07-24)

Those small cars are very popular in the mediterranean countries. I always think that Italians and the French see cars much less as status symbols than we in Austria or Germany do. It's simply transport, nothing else, and when you don't have to show off, you can as well have a very small car 🙂

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