1381 - I See A Darkness

I’m back in Vienna. And no, I didn’t take any images. I made one though.

Do you remember Camogli? This light-flooded dream of every photographer?

Don’t ask me what I thought, don’t ask me how I feel. I’m fine 🙂 I just had the desire to experiment, and to be honest, I like what I got. Beautiful Camogli, cracking and molding.

The Song of the Day is “I See A Darkness” by Johnny Cash. Hear it on YouTube.

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Flo   (2010-07-27)

I love this post processing interpretation. It makes me feel something more than had you just presented the image plain and straight out of the camera. It makes me want to go see this marvelous scene and lighting and time of night for myself. I feel that the crowd of people - or is this a scene from a play - are having lots of fun and I want in on it! Your addition of the branches snaking across the building and the poles that some people seem to be using are what made me wonder whether this was a staged event - or what!

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Earl   (2010-07-28)

I try to never have any preconceptions of what I expect or want from a photo. I like to start with a blank slate and let it register with me emotionally and then technically. If both of those responses are flatline I feel the photo is a failure, at least for me. This photo is definitely not "flatline" in either case and works for me on both levels.

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