1382 - Mary's Of The Sea

I was not in a photographing mood. I did take photographs today, a lot even, but almost all of them were textures. Walls, stone, cracking paint and the like. When I made yesterday’s “1381 - I See A Darkness”, I blended in a texture of cracks in a big block of wood, and while I browsed my collection for textures, I realized that they were not only poorly tagged in the database, but also that I don’t have as many as I thought. This averted my view today and made me mostly look at old walls 🙂

OK, that’s today’s excuse for why you get another picture from Italy 😄

Here is Camogli again, same place as yesterday’s darkness, same time, only here I use the 17-50 and look towards “Santa Maria Assunta”, St Mary’s, the church directly at the beach.

The Song of the Day is “Marys Of The Sea” from Tori Amos' 2005 album “The Beekeeper”. Only live versions float the net, so here is one on YouTube.

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Mike   (2010-07-28)

Beautiful shot! Love the textures and the color is outstanding!

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Earl   (2010-07-28)

Andreas, I certainly don't consider it a hardship to "get another picture from Italy" such as this. ;-)

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