1610 - Keep Rolling

Ted uses Alien Skin Snap Art all the time, well, he is a real master in it and he’s even featured on Alien Skin’s site.

For me it is one of the tools that I use rarely, but sometimes it is a nice way to express my joy of light. Today we had a warm spring day and the light in the morning was blindingly bright. These are the occasions when I grab for Snap Art.

Interesting. I can’t really pin down why I connect this kind of processing with joy, but fact is I do. It must be something about childhood. It looks like an illustration, but then it does not. In a way these images look timeless, don’t they? Timeless like a childhood long gone and ever present.

The Song of the Day is “Keep Rolling” from Paolo Nutini’s 2009 album “Sunny Side Up”. Hear it on YouTube.

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Ted Byrne   (2011-03-22)

Filters are the photographic artist's brushes. They surmount problems, extend feelings, and snigger ideas into the balance of an image. A reason I resist the Lens Baby is that it leaves so little ability to nuance an idea... it leaves its user stuck with a massive intrusion onto a frame. Filters reverse that - letting the artist select rather than cope. All of which you've done here by not permitting the SnapArt intrusion to overcome your intent. Of course I totally like what you've done and appreciate the lesson it imparts. Totally evocative....

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