1912 - Mixed-Up Confusion

So, this was an old version of the blog, but why? When I tried to call up the server control panel, a web application that lets you do all sorts of administrative things, I couldn’t log in. It accepted my password, but then timed out. Great!

The thing I tried was to back-resolve my domain. I looked up the IP address of “manessinger.com”, and then I looked up the canonical name of that IP address. Interesting: my domain was running on some host “cx24.justhost.com”.

This was weird, because since my purchase of the “Faster Server” option (which was never faster, but that’s another story), I had been on “fsx04.justhost.com”. Could this be the original server where I had been before the upgrade? What did that mean?

I checked the date when I had purchased the “Faster Server”, and really, it was at just that time in September! There were two possibilities now: they could have messed up the DNS record and I could be on the old server, although the new server was just fine, or else “fsx04” could have crashed and they could have restored the backup that they had used in September to move my account.

I had no way to find out but to contact their help desk. I did, I described my dilemma and asked what to do. The answer I got was

Dear Customer,

There are some temporary problems with our fsx04.justhost.com We are resolving this issue and are doing our best. Sorry for the inconveniences. Please update this ticket in a few hours.

Great. Great? Not. I still didn't know what was wrong, if my data was still there on "fsx04", how long it would take, etc, but nevertheless, they knew about it and were working on it. Maybe.

Story to be continued – Image made with my Lensbaby 2.0 – Hear the Song of the Day, “Mixed-Up Confusion” by Bob Dylan, on YouTube.