2186 - Mercy I Cry City

I’ll be here in Carinthia for more than a week and the weather forecast is frustrating.

We had one of those bleak October days that don’t even have the decency to be foggy, and still I wanted to take images. Waiting for dusk solved two problems, color and contrast.

Our cities tend to be bright at night and the lights colorful. It’s a strategy that I employ all winter. I wouldn’t have liked to fall back to it so early, but if I have no choice, so be it.

The other problem is the bright sky in combination with a relatively wide lens. As with all new lenses, I currently use the 12/2.0 almost exclusively, and in most landscape situations the sky is part of the image, relatively too bright and bright at the top of the frame. Again, dusk solves it all. You normally have to take some saturation out of the blue, but it is a problem that’s easy to handle.

Unfortunately it will go on like this. The next sunshine has been tentatively predicted for Thursday. Yikes!

The Song of the Day is “Mercy I Cry City” from the 1968 Incredible String Band album “The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter”. Of the early classic ISB albums this is probably the one you have to have. Before you buy the others 😄 😄 😄

Hear for yourself on YouTube.

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Bill Birtch   (2012-10-13)

This brings up another image, this one imaginary, or partly so at least, of you crouched under the stairway hoping no pedestrians happen by to question why there's some crazy dude hidden under the stairway with a camera. 🙂 Nice images by the way.

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andreas   (2012-10-13)

Actually while taking photographs I don't think about anything else, I am completely immersed. I guess as a war photographer I would be shot on my first assignment 🙂

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