2232 - Inevitable

Well, you already knew how it looks like and this is not even a good product shot, but anyway.

In a comment a few days ago, John Griggs gave me the good advice to not disregard the Panasonic Leica DG SUMMILUX 25/1.4 ASPH, and of course I took it to heart 🙂

No images with, only an image of the lens on my camera. Does it rattle? Bet it does. Does it make gorgeous images? Bet it does. Is it better than the 20/1.7? Sure it is. For the money it must be, but surprisingly it is “more better” than it is more expensive, if you know what I mean. Normally it’s the other way round, normally you pay dearly for small improvements, but here you pay modestly for a big deal. Highly recommended.

And besides, as much as I love these wonderfully retro-looking metal lenses Olympus makes, this one looks exactly like it has been made for a black OM-D. Or vice-versa.

The Song of the Day is “Inevitable” from Shakira’s 1998 album “Dónde Están los Ladrones?”. Love it when she sings Spanish! Hear it on YouTube.

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Wolfgang Lonien   (2012-11-27)

Congrats - that's a dream combo Andreas! Me, I just ordered a second copy of the 45mm (the first one never leaves my wife's camera) ;-)

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andreas   (2012-11-27)

Sharing your hobby with your partner makes many things easier - and some not 😄

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