2257 - Frosty Morning Blues II

Today I didn’t take any images. I couldn’t because the world ended. Thus you get one more image taken on yesterday’s frosty morning 😄

What I did do was something that I had intended to do for a long time now: quit Facebook. This is the last status update that I posted:

Here’s a notice to all my friends and contacts. Not the world is ending today, but I am going to quit Facebook - and I won’t ever come back.

Facebook is creepy, and many people say so is Google. That may well be, but Google offers enormous value for free. Facebook is just a useless application monetizing its users. They provide no value to me.

I am still on Google+ (https://plus.google.com/106239921622450982113) where I post summaries of my blog posts and also share other things, and of course the best way to follow me is to just visit my blog


and to subscribe to the feed with a feed reader. Google Reader is what I use and what works for me.

Thanks to all my friends, be assured: it’s not you, it’s simply the fact that I have grown so tired of the daily SPAM that Facebook delivers to my inbox, tired and disgusted of the way Facebook conducts their business and treats their users. The recent Instagram (now a Facebook company) attempt at usurping the rights of photographers has just nailed the coffin.

The End.

Then I deleted my account. At least that’s what I intended to do, but as always, Facebook let me down on this as well. The account is not deleted, it is only deactivated. The actual deletion is scheduled for in 14 days. At least that’s what they say.

Fine, I thought. At least people will see my final message. According to Facebook’s description of the deactivation process, people can’t find a deactivated account any more, but messages from that account will still be visible to their friends. Or that’s how I interpreted their vague language.

Not true either. A friend checked for me and confirmed that my status update never appeared on her timeline. Oh well 🙂

Like yesterday, the Song of the Day is “Frosty Morning Blues”, but this time I’ll direct you to a different video: The Riverside Carnival dixieland jazz band live in 2011. See it on YouTube.

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Paul   (2012-12-21)

Well, FB is just giving you time to come to your senses! They know that you probably don't really want to leave, after all, who would? 😉 I agree, it is pretty useless. I prefer Twitter.

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andreas   (2012-12-22)

Hmm ... I just don't understand Twitter. Never did 🙂

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Paul   (2012-12-22)

I didn't either until I gave it a try, now I like it. Go figure. 🙂

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