2276 - The Whole Point Of No Return

I’m on my way down to Carinthia. Weather may be friendlier there, or at least it was. The sunny days seem to be over though and for the weekend it is predicted to be like it was in Vienna all the time, meaning cold and wet with an unpleasant mixture of rain and snow.

Today’s images were both made on the run, on in the morning and one just before I boarded the train to Carinthia. The common motive is the arrow, but how that relates to the title, I really can’t tell 😄

The Song of the Day is “The Whole Point Of No Return” by The Style Council, Paul Weller’s band in the 1980s. Quite a chameleon the man 🙂

The Song is from their 1984 debut album “Cafe Bleu”. Hear it on YouTube.