2308 - Once I Walked In The Sun II

Sunday morning I thought it would be fine to sleep a little longer, but when I saw the fine weather outside, I rose early nevertheless.

I took the car and drove to Oberschütt, a small village south of mount Dobratsch, situated on the north side of river Gail.

It was cold, around -10 degrees Celsius, a sunny day, and I intended to walk a forest road along and then down to the river. When I left the car I changed my shoes for classic seventies style moon boots and I put on my Roeckl Karun gloves. You may remember, I’ve written about them last year, and I am glad to say that I can fully operate the OM-D with the gloves on, even in their mitten form. That’s cool, or rather, that’s warm and it keeps me photographing even in bitingly cold weather.

I had one tiny problem though. The rocks along the river were covered in deep snow, and minutes after I had arrived at the shore, my right foot got stuck between two stones. I pulled it out easily, but the boot still stuck, and there I stood with my right foot in socks, standing in the snow.

After I had recovered the boot, the socks were already wet. I asked myself weather to worry about that and to immediately return to the car, or to just put the boot back on without socks and keep photographing.

The latter I did. It was not even cold. Some snow crystals had found their way into the boot, but the thick insulation kept me warm enough that I could have gone on forever.

The Song of the Day is “Once I Walked In The Sun” by Jane Monheit. I’ve last used it more than 1000 images ago and it’s good enough to be heard every few years 🙂

Hear it on YouTube.