2385 - Love For Sale

I like this lens, but I don’t use it. It is the widest rectilinear lens for Micro Four Thirds, not as wide as the Sigma 8-16 was on the D300, but at an equivalent focal length of 14 mm it is wide enough. In fact it is too wide for what I like these days. I’ve used it in 9 blog posts since I bought it in December, and while it is light compared to ultra-wide lenses for DSLRs, I still feel the pull of its 330 g in my bag. Therefore I’ll put it up for sale today 🙂

And then? Well, I may buy the Olympus 9-18. It weighs less than half, and while it is not as good as the Panasonic, it may suffice in those cases when 12 mm are not wide enough. On the other hand, I may as well wait for some time and see how I do without an ultra-wide lens.

The Song of the Day is “Love For Sale” from the 1986 Talking Heads album “True Stories”. Hear it on YouTube.

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Joe Jarosak   (2013-04-29)

I might be interested in that lens. I'm looking to expand my 4/3 lenses beyond my 20mm.

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andreas   (2013-05-01)

Thanks, but it wouldn't make sense at all for you or for anybody else in the US. Adorama has it new for $959, that's less than what I've paid for it used and less than what I can sell it for in Europe. Add shipping and it makes even less sense 🙂

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