2435 - I Cover The Waterfront V

Last week I’ve taken a day trip to Venice. It’s just little more than two hours by car from Carinthia, five hours from Vienna.

OK, from Vienna it’s too far for a day trip, but from Carinthia it was perfectly fine.

It’s funny, I haven’t been there in many years, and certainly these are my first images of Venice. Pretty stupid, I know, I ought to be there a couple of times a year, and after this experience, first time in Venice with a camera, I suppose I will come back very soon.

Venice is just too beautiful, a photographer’s paradise, if there ever was one.

Today’s images were taken from the Vaporetto, Venice’s closest equivalent to a bus. From where I sat, I was very restricted as to viewing angles, but it really does not matter. Just point your camera in any direction, subject matter is guaranteed 🙂

I Cover The Waterfront”, the Song of the Day, was already used a few times on this blog, but I guess I didn’t have the Sinatra version so far. Hear it on YouTube.