2533 - Joe's Garage

Well, Mario’s actually 🙂

When we arrived at his home around noon the next day, first thing we did was sit down and ask ourselves why we’ve never met the past 23 years. I had brought along some prints as a present, thus photography and my blog were a topic, and while we talked, I always saw the pattern of light and shadows on the old corrugated metal door. After a while I couldn’t resist any more and took this image.

The Song of the Day is “Joe’s Garage”, the title song of one of Frank Zappa’s best albums. Hear it on YouTube.

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Thanks for the reminder, Andreas! | Wolfgang Lonien   (2013-09-26)

[…] one of his latest blog posts, Andreas Manessinger reminded me of Frank Zappa and of his album “Joe’s Garage”. […]

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