2540 - Broken Stones

Here are two images made in a forest. I liked the pattern of the stones, and again color contributed nothing at all, while black and white allowed me to concentrate on the essence of what I had seen.

It’s Sunday night, I’m on the train from Carinthia to Vienna. The results of the elections are in and although we have two new parties in our parliament (Frank Stronach’s “Team Stronach”, mostly those remains of Haider’s party that could be bought, and the NEOS, a neo-liberal party with a strong focus on liberal economy), it is guaranteed that nothing will change for the better.

ÖVP, the so-called conservatives, have lost more than their current social-democratic partner SPÖ, but they have at least three options for leading a coalition, or else they can simply go on with their current partner. On the other hand, no SPÖ-led left or center coalition is possible except the current one with ÖVP.

The result is clear, ÖVP has lost votes and seats, certainly also for their involvement in most corruption scandals of the last two decades, but they are in a position to dictate their terms to every possible partner, while no realistic government is possible without them.

The Song of the Day is “Broken Stones” from Paul Weller’s 1995 album “Stanley Road”. Hear it on YouTube.