2592 - Sunrise Of The Planetary Dream Collector I

Beauty is mostly a matter of convention. We tend to attribute it to things for all sorts of reasons that are not intrinsic to the attributed objects themselves. One example is the coziness of familiarity, that so often is mistaken for a sign of beauty. It is not. The strangest things can be beautiful.

Imagine being on an alien planet. Everything would be different, no context would exist, everything would have to be seen as a member of a new category, isolated, emerging from the mist of non-existence, coming upon us as a new and unfamiliar concept, a thing with no words attached to it, no associations and no history.

The Song of the Day is “Sunrise Of The Planetary Dream Collector” from the Kronos Quartet’s 1984 recording of Terry Riley’s “Cadenza on the Night Plain”. Hear it on YouTube.

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Cedric Canard   (2013-11-22)

Not only is this photo a perfect example of strange beauty but the song of the day is also an excellent match for it.

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andreas   (2013-11-22)

Thanks. It was a bit of a challenge in terms of post-processing, but in the end I really like the result 🙂

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