2647 - Cool Blues

Isn’t this image cool? Way cool? Much too cool? 🙂

Yeah, it is, but interestingly enough it was boring until I intentionally used a much too low color temperature. Normally I don’t do this. In a way I regard the effect to be below myself. You see, I can be snobbish.

Here it simply works for me, giving me the feeling of a cold winter day.

The Song of the Day is the Charlie Parker classic “Cool Blues”. Hear it on YouTube.

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Richard   (2014-01-15)

Hi Andreas, interesting you mention this as "cool" colour temps or desaturated colour is definately the look of the moment in the fine art photography market. You see very few images with high or even normal saturation in galleries. There must be a specific preset for this(!) as a lot of images have the same look. Not yours though!

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andreas   (2014-01-15)

Well, what the Art market does and how it controls what its contributors do, that's beyond me anyway. I usually don't go to galleries and don't care about the market, thus I claim ignorance 🙂

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