2820 - Viaggi e Miraggi IX

It’s still the same day as in the last post, only now we’ve driven a few kilometers east, now we are in Novara.

Novara is a nice little city with various interesting sights, but nothing sticks out the way the cupola of San Gaudenzio does. Literally.

Novara is no “metropolitan” city in a modern sense. It does not have highrise glass towers and we can only be thankful for that. Novara’s pride is this unbelievable cupola, 121 metres in height, designed by Alessandro Antonelli and constructed in 1888. When you approach Novara, you see it from afar. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Between the symmetrical view up into the cupola and my Image of the Day I had no problems making my choice. Interestingly enough Flickr’s choice was different. The image to the left made it into Explore, the much better one was ignored. Well, 12,000 views, 126 favorites, who am I to argue 😄

The second church is the Cathedral, il Duomo. It was also designed by Alessandro Antonelli and that’s probably the most interesting thing one can say about it.

The angel is on the main entrance of the Cathedral. For some reason it touches me, and besides, the late afternoon light did its best to augment it further.

You still know the Song of the Day.