2892 - Growing Egos

I’ve recently found that the best time for me to post images on Flickr is the evening. When an image gets lucky (such as the one in “2885 – Very Ape”) it gets near to ten faves that evening, and then only one or two in the morning suffice to push it into Explore. By the way, that part of a poster for “Planet of the Apes” is my most successful image on Flickr so far. I peaked at 26,707 views and 141 favorites that day. Why exactly this image? Who knows 😄

Today’s image is a total loser on Flickr. Some views, not a single favorite. I like it though, and what I like most, that’s the head of the street light peeking into the image from the lower left corner 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Growing Egos” by Sasha. Hear it on YouTube.

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April Siegfried   (2014-09-18)

Didn't I fave this one?! I certainly meant to. Spacious, a touch ominous, and yet playful. Like you, I also enjoy the "little guy" poking his head into the scene.

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