2914 - Glass Walls II

And here’s another image taken on the same sunny day as yesterday’s. This one is of a famous building right at the center of Vienna. It is called “Haas Haus” and was built by architect Hans Hollein right opposite of Stephansdom, Vienna’s cathedral. You see reflections of the gothic facade in the not so totally flat glass.

The Song of the Day is still “Glass Walls” by Nik Ammar and you can still hear it on YouTube.

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John Linn   (2014-10-10)

I like the image... reflections are always great and the curved wall increases the interest. Also the tilt adds entergy.

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andreas   (2014-10-10)

Energy desperately needed, I'd say. There was much ado about that house when it was built, whether it was right to put something so modern into such a historic place, but I always found the building incredibly bland 🙂

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