2936 - Elusive Butterfly

The 75/1.8 is not at all a macro lens, but the Admiral is a big butterfly and it didn’t want the center spot in this image anyway 🙂

Speaking of macro lenses, the 60/2.8 macro, the one that I sold, wouldn’t have helped me at all. It would have allowed me to get closer, but because of the shorter focal length, I’d have to get closer anyway, even for the same magnification. With the 75/1.8 I was already at the closest focusing distance, but when I tried to get closer, just to see how far the butterfly would let me, it immediately flew away.

I suppose the 40-150/2.8 would be much better in that regard. It should give me at least twice the magnification, as its minimum focusing distance is slightly shorter and the lens is twice as long.

As you know by now, I had already ordered the 40-150, together with the teleconverter, but then canceled my order and bought my new Macbook Pro.

On the one hand I think I would have had a lot of fun with that lens (and may still have it if I buy it sometime later on), on the other hand it costs a load of money that was much better spent as it is now. Apart from that, the lens is comparatively big and heavy, and if I wouldn’t use it at least as often as the also pretty expensive 75/1.8 (which is not that often), then it would probably be a waste of money. An alluring waste of money though 😄

The Song of the Day is “Elusive Butterfly” by Aretha Franklin. Hear it on YouTube.