3150 - Like The Wheel

Pulkau ist the name of a rivulet in the north-east of Austria, giving name to the valley Pulkautal and to the small town Pulkau.

Not far from Pulkau is a small village called Platt. These images were taken in the parish church of Platt.

More than 25 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, the region along the border to the Czech Republic is still a typical border region. Of course thanks to the Schengen Treaty there is no enforcement of borders any more, and the presence of Czech citizens in the service sector speaks to the change, but I believe to feel that there is still a border present in the minds of the people - or maybe only in my own.

Time flies, time creeps, all simultaneously. It is one thing to see change happen and it is another to change yourself.

The Song of the Day is “Like The Wheel” by The Tallest Man On Earth. Hear it on YouTube.