3192 - Ferrara II

I’ve taken the “Big Bag” to Ferrara, the Lowepro SlingShot 300 AW. Mind you, this is not a really big bag. It can hold a DSLR with three small-to-medium lenses, one of them attached. Something like my old D300, a 50/1.4, a 28/1.8 and maybe an 85/1.8. That was a pretty typical configuration then. A 70-200/2.8 would have been much too big.

In Ferrara I’ve used the OM-D E-M1 with the 12-40/2.8 PRO and the 40-150/2.8 PRO, and because at that time I didn’t have the 7-14/2.8 PRO, I fell back to the excellent 9-18/4-5.6. In the meantime I’ve bought the 7-14/2.8, but it will take me a while to get through Ferrara 🙂

You may remember the image of the Saint from two days ago. That had been taken in no light at 150 mm, f/2.8, ISO 1600, 1/25s and was still underexposed by two stops. You see the same values (but not underexposed) in today’s long shot towards the altar. Stabilization is pretty amazing 🙂