3294 - For Less

I’m really glad I have all those images from Lisbon, because at the moment I don’t take pictuers at all. Instead I’m fighting my equipment.

OS X 10.11.1 is here and it works. On Lightroom 2015.2.1 I’ve given up. I’ve uninstalled it and reverted to 2015.1.1, the July release. It now works as well. I’ve followed Adobe’s instructions here.

Adobe has run against the wall with 2015.2 and they have apologized for the mess. I’m pretty sure a 2015.3 or 2015.2.2 will follow soon, and that’s when I’ll try to upgrade again. In any case I now have disk images for 2015.0 and the upgrade to 2015.1.1 stored on my computer. If the next release again fails to work for me, then I can roll back in minutes.

What still does not work is my Internet stick. The first one did not work because it is too old. I bought a new one and that also didn’t work, so I decided to buy a small, portable WiFi router with SIM slot, thereby taking operating system drivers out of he equation. That also did not work. Two modern modems from different manufacturers, both fail, the only common thing is - the SIM card!

And really, changing the SIM card did the trick. The new router perfectly worked, I had Internet access. At home.

Here on the train I can connect via WiFi, the device says it has an Internet connection, only it doesn’t.

At the moment I’m back to using my phone as WiFi hotspot. The next thing I’ll try is using the new SIM in the new modem stick. I suppose that could work. Stupid, huh?