3520 - Have a Beer in Villach

Globalization takes its toll. At one time we had a lot of small, local breweries in Carinthia. Then, during my childhood, all of them but three vanished.

In my late youth “Hirter Bier”, the smallest of the three, became something like a local cult, and “Schleppe”, the one in my hometown Klagenfurt, was bought by its competitor in Villach. “Villacher”, along with almost every other big brewery in Austria belongs with 50% to “Brau Union AG”, which was bought bei “Heineken”. And now we’ve finally arrived at a name that you know 🙂

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John   (2016-06-08)

Must have been a big bottle for that cap!

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andreas   (2016-06-15)

And a lot of thirst for the beer 😄

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