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Yesterday my friend Ted Byrne, Artist and blogger from Lancaster, PA, was here in Vienna and I’ve shown him a few places. We’ve talked a lot about politics, art and of course photography. Black and white vs color was among our topics, and this is one more example for why I use B&W:

The image simply didn’t work in color. First there was not much color to begin with, and then I had to selectively push exposure and increase contrast, for instance to bring out the structure of the reflections on the lower side of the blades. That’s the kind of operation that ruins every color consistency and, frankly, it also raises noise. None of that is a problem in B&W.

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Ted Byrne   (2017-08-11)

Yo! It was so good to 'do' Vienna with you Andreas and to see it in 360 degrees in every direction - macro as opposed to the micro bits and pieces which you've fed me here so meticulously on your blog. But you know what? After years of watching it those pieces I'd amazingly come to know Vienna . You've shown me enough trees that the forrest seemed like an old friend. Thoughts.... Vienna is even more opulent than I'd imagined. The depth of its ancient wealth supports architectural leavings from so many knurdles of civilized leavings. Oh... you know when you spurt out some tooth past from a tube? Well the word for the bulges any burps that come out are called knurdles. And that's how the various architectural artists have elbowed their way onto the street facades of your elegant city. In any given row of streets personalities have spontaneously filled in the products of their momentary cultures so that while the whole is greater than than the sum of its parts, each part is statement... a tiny but substantial time-tunnel back to the imaginings of both the builder and his/her patron. We've done two photo shoots now, you and I. The first in 2007 in Florence, Italy, and now this in 2017 in Vienna. The next? Will another decade pass my friend until we roam streets again while mind-melding? Hmmmm..... While something to live for, I'm hoping that I can show you some of middle and metropolis America much sooner than. That room has fresh sheets and Rita, Musser, and I are waiting Buddy 🙂 In the meantime... thanks for a photo shoot and friendship I shall never forget. Thanks for Vienna.

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andreas   (2017-08-20)

Thanks Ted. Sometime next year. I've got no date yet, but we'll roam the streets of Lancaster - and it won't be in the UK 🙂

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