4190 - The Advantage of a Small Sensor

This is the main Catholic church in otherwise mostly protestant Nuremberg. We’ll see more of it later.

I saw the church and the beautiful lantern, and I thought, hey, why not get them into one image? It took me a few attempts and f10 to get everything in focus, but at least it was possible. On a smartphone there’d have been no reason to worry, on a full frame camera it would have been so much harder.

This is a situation I find myself in frequently: shallow DOF is a much employed cliché, but more often I crave for having everything in focus.

Or, is that so? Would I think so if I’d use a full frame camera? Do our tools influence our desires? It’s not unlikely.

In any case I love what options my tools give me, and it seems that what I use is what fits me best. If there’s any proof needed, I think the fact that I have not changed systems (or bought into a second system) in years should be enough.