4193 - Saint Laurence Church II

Do you ever re-process your images? I never thought I would, but it turns out I currentyl do so with images from 2006.

It began with an effort to re-catalog my old images in Lightroom, but when I looked at what I’d done to those images twelve years ago, I decided to re-process a few of them. Then there were more and … I may never come to and end.

A few days ago Adobe released another update to Lightroom CC Classic, and it brought a new profile system. Initially I found it irritating, but after a while and some playing around, I found that I liked it a lot.

Of course this is not a dramatic difference, but when I compare the Photoshop RAW process of 2006 with what we have in Lightroom now, the difference is nothing but spectacular indeed. Sometimes I find it breathtaking how mallable these old images are with our new tools.